Xbox One X unveiling – feat. The Automatic.

Who thought Microsoft's Xbox One X unveiling trailer at E3 was cool? You did - so did I and what got me was the use of the word "monster" that the Xbox team used and for some daft reason that song came to me "what's that coming over the hill..." with a quick Google search [...]


PlayStation Memories – How you got into PlayStation.

It has been two decades since I was first introduced to PlayStation, my older brother and his then girlfriend bought a PlayStation 1 and the now iconic Crash Bandicoot. I’d go round for a brew once a week or so, mainly to see his pet ferrets, Stella, Murphy and Caffrey, each ferret named after an [...]

I returned to PC gaming.

Its been a long time since I gripped a mouse and keyboard feverishly in both hands and participated in a battle of wits against seasoned PC fanatics, and in the end on Americas Army Proving Grounds Beta I had to resort to the Xbox One controller just to get a kill or two in whilst [...]

Sick gaming!

So lets get this straight from the outset, I bet most of you were thinking, sick gaming? Gratuitous violence from past games like Solider of Fortune and Carmageddon from 1997, when the Intel Pentium II processor ran at a whopping 233 MHz at launch and was all the rage. Zombies that had green blood and [...]