Sick gaming!

So lets get this straight from the outset, I bet most of you were thinking, sick gaming? Gratuitous violence from past games like Solider of Fortune and Carmageddon from 1997, when the Intel Pentium II processor ran at a whopping 233 MHz at launch and was all the rage. Zombies that had green blood and robots with black oil, and who’s betting Carmageddon: Reincarnation don’t cut it like the original. God I hope there’s an option to allow you to play the game in old school graphics just for the fun of it.

So no it’s not the sick gaming you were hoping for! Sick gaming, it’s sick gaming like you got man-flu, cough, cough and a new game has just landed (insert name here) which you want to spam, but there’s one problem, work is calling unfortunately. (Insert sad face here), so the conundrum that faces you is ring up work and claim you have been throwing up all night and you haven’t slept a wink (man-flu), tell a white lie and then continue to spam, or go into work and fight your gamer urges for several hours.

The white lie or gaming? To skive or not to skive that is the question? Have you stooped this low, been this sad and skived work, school (parent/s don’t give a toss), college, university so on and so forth simply to play that all important game. What you say, you are a dole-dosser, obsessive benefit claimer and you have your cake and eat it, well have a wash and get a job, you shirker!



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