I returned to PC gaming.


Its been a long time since I gripped a mouse and keyboard feverishly in both hands and participated in a battle of wits against seasoned PC fanatics, and in the end on Americas Army Proving Grounds Beta I had to resort to the Xbox One controller just to get a kill or two in whilst I readjusted to the rapid reaction of M/K, lame if I do say so myself, I am a noob once again.

Eight (8) years of console gaming has definitely been good, and I am not completely deserting it, I just fancied a decent PC just to play some old games made new like AA for instance and other gems that will never see the light of day on Xbox or PlayStation.

I’m no graphic (4K) whore, but in honesty this generation of consoles should be blitzing 1080p @ 60 for fun with room to spare, graphics don’t make a game, game-play does, but the current offerings on PS4 and Xbox One really do leave me wondering what is going to happen in two or three years time? Will 900/720p be the numbers? And will be subjected to more rinse and repeat franchises that should have been laid to rest a few seasons ago.

For £550 I bought a PC that blew my socks off, working that out with the discounts on games available on Steam and other online stores, minus the cost of online gaming, just the price of my internet provider, within a couple of years it will have paid for itself, and in a couple of years it will still probably be able to bang out 1080p @ 60 and more.


2 thoughts on “I returned to PC gaming.

  1. Lot’s of advantages with a PC instead of a console. The possibility of combining work with leisure is nice. I was sceptical about Steam to begin with, but as the years went by I started loving it more and more. You mention sales on Steam… yes, that is one of the reasons! 😉 Recently I’ve managed to get some pretty nice games for a very small amount of money. Anyway, welcome back to the world PC gaming! 😀 Have you tried Metro 2033 Redux yet? 😉



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