PlayStation Memories – How you got into PlayStation.

It has been two decades since I was first introduced to PlayStation, my older brother and his then girlfriend bought a PlayStation 1 and the now iconic Crash Bandicoot. I’d go round for a brew once a week or so, mainly to see his pet ferrets, Stella, Murphy and Caffrey, each ferret named after an alcoholic beverage. Along with Crash Bandicoot they had Pandemonium and truth be told I can’t really recall what that game was all about?

Several years later, dating and well under the thumb I bought my then girlfriend a PlayStation 2, I got a deal at the now defunct Game Station that saw me get Prince of Persia – Sands of Time and Ratchet and Clank. Some months later I purchased medal of Honor and when I was not getting my ears bent (you haven’t done the ironing), I could get an hour or so on Frontlines.

Having broken up and gone our separate ways, having got back into gaming in a big way, now that I had freedom and could make decisions for myself I bought a PlayStation 3 with the intention of playing Killzone 2 – I love science fiction and if Killzone could match the appeal of Halo of which I played a lot of then that would make me a really happy chappy. Funnily enough I played it several times and found it too clunky and give it up as a bad job.

It was Uncharted 2 that really did it for me – that E3 trailer that Jack Tretton unveiled, that game blew my mind. Pain, Crash Commando, Home, quirky games that gave PlayStation identity was what appealed to me during the era of PlayStation 3. And when I finally bagged a 720p HD ready TV (to which I still have to this day) – holy gaming, it really did make it black and white from the cheap super market branded CRT that was a hand-me-down.

Then came PlayStation 4, being an Xbox fan through and through, since 2007 I opted for Xbox One and also built a gaming PC, a PC that could run NASA, but for all that power, all that pixel – mind numbing beauty I have missed a few of games like Uncharted 4, The Order and Horizon Zero Dawn which looks the dogs dinner. So I have caved, I have bought a PlayStation 4 Pro and with it comes Horizon Zero Dawn for under £370.

This is just a small part of my PlayStation Memories – what are yours, let me know.



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